Emmanuel Macron: political profile

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédérique Macron, President of the French Republic, is the youngest to have claimed this title. Aged of 41 years old, he offered a newly and youth-targeted plan for the whole French people. 

However – and as expected –, Macron did not keep his words and did not work in youth favour, but more towards middle/upper-class. He has been very praised by the youngsters when the elections where happening. 

Although, at the second voting tour, French felt like they had to vote for him in order to not have the country right-wing-led by Marine Lepen. It was sort of a non-choice vote which goes against the fundamental right to vote. 

Despite his young age, he is a very determined and opinionated man. He has put himself forward and out there to speak up about Brexit. He demands that Britain leaves EU, sorts the mess out and block delays. However, apart from speaking up his mind towards Brexit, he is one President whom country has known one of the longest and impactful demonstration – or shall we call it revolution since 1968. 

.Macron will be paying tribute on Tuesday to the two soldiers killed in the recent rescue mission in Burkina Faso.

Sam Tabahriti

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