Trudeau Blames Climate Change for Green Party Win

Paul Manly

The Green Party saw a “historic” victory Monday night as Paul Manly was elected into Parliament in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith British Columbia by-election.

Manly earned 37.1% of the votes and will be the second Green Party member in Parliament, joining Party leader Elizabeth May.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he thinks that Canadians are focused on climate issues and hopes the Liberal Party will make their stance toward the issue known in months leading up to the October, federal elections.

Climate change is predicted to be a top issue during the October elections especially as thousands of people took part in a cross-country, student-led protest May 3rd in hopes of demonstrating a desire for action.

Manly said he thinks this is only the start of the Green Party and is positive heading into the elections. “There’s a real strong sense here on the West Coast and on Vancouver Island that the three old-line parties are just slow on the uptake on actually committing to real action,” Manly said.

The Conservative candidate John Hirst was a distant second in the polls at 25.1% of the vote. Not far behind him was the New Democratic Party (NDP) at 22.9% and Michelle Corfield of the Liberal Party at 11.1%.

This comes shortly after the Green Party won eight seats as The Prince Edward Island (PEI) Green Party Leader Peter Beven Baker led them to a tight, second-place finish.

Meghan Massie

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