Venezuela: A Review on Its Effects

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Issues continue to worsen in Venezuela as the people look to remove current president Nicolás Maduro. Since becoming opposition leader back in January, Juan Guiadó has earned support from more than 50 countries as he looks to become president. Many of its neighbouring countries have banded together to aid in removing current president Nicolás Maduro.

Brazil allows Venezuelan seeking refugee into their borders

Since 2017, more than 58,000 Venezuelans have migrated to Brazil, most located in the northern region of Roraima. In hopes to host large amounts of immigrants, The Brazilian government has opened nine refugee camps in the capital Boa Vista.

Despite taking in refugees, Presidential spokesman General Otavio Rego Barros suggested that, that maybe the most Brazil contributes. He confirmed Brazil will not send military forces to help overthrow Maduro and will not allow any other country to use Brazil as a way to intervene.

Colombia starts to suffer as more Venezuelans come into the country

Colombia has taken in majority of the 3 million Venezuelan citizens that have fled the country. Colombia is home to about 1 million Venezuelans as well about 5,000 troops to help keep peace along the border.  

Negatively, crime has risen along the border as people look to make profit off the situation by transporting drugs, participating in human trafficking and undergoing black market trades. Disease also is on the rise in Colombia.

Peru provides medicine

The Peruvian government, along with Colombia, have vowed to care for both people in- and out-country with food, medicine, shelter and education as the Maduro regime continues to block essential humanitarian assistance from entering the country.

Peru has provided for over 600,000 Venezuelans seeking refuge within its borders. Peru became home to many citizens with HIV as the country allows legal citizenship to anyone in need of serious medication.

The United States threatens Cuba

As Cuba continues to be one of the few countries that recognize Maduro as Venezuela’s president, President Trump threatens to place embargos and other sanctions. Florida Senator Rick Scott suggested that the U.S. launches an oil blockade between Cuba and Venezuela as a way to force Cuba to not intervene.

Because of existing embargos, the Cuban government announced that it will undergo widespread rationing of chicken, eggs, rice, beans, soap and other basic products. Venezuela’s inability to provide much to Cuba has also hit the country hard.

Bolivia and Nicaragua continued to be repressed

With the world focusing on the crisis in Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua no longer receive the attention and care they required to overcome their hardships faced. Both countries have similar situations to Venezuela economically and, at one point of time, received aid from supporting countries.

After tensions began to rise in Venezuela and both countries chose to support Maduro, they have lost most of the aide they received beforehand and now look to be the next Venezuela in the future.

Meghan Massie

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